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Hello, I'm Joëlle, an author.
I love writing and reading fantasy stories and Poetic Letters. I like cinema, literature, paintings, art, sculptures ...
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Please, keep your distance Poetic letter

Poetic Letter     Please, keep your distance

  • Keep your distance
  • I do not want to suffer
  • Of your hurtful words
  • Your offenses, to my mind

  • The darkness surrounds me in this sweet night
  • I’m dressed and free of my actions
  • I am ready to meet, make delight
  • No more fear and tribulations
  • Previously, I was vomiting
  • When I heard your name cursed
  • Now I’ll sway me hips
  • On the Ride of the Valkyries

  • Your hideous memory
  • It’s erased from my mind
  • Your doses of meanness
  • Are finite, such a death camp
  • You continue to call me
  • However, I turned the page of our story
  • I avoided thy plague, it has not entered
  • I free myself from you, with this choice.

Joëlle Jean Baptiste – Author


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The pride of my values. Poetic letter

Poetic letter. The pride of my values

  • When I ask kittens
  • Do you want hot or cold milk?
  • It drinks in the warm bowl,
  • The other cat will go to cold drink

  • When I saw my seeds in fertile soil
  • They grow fed and rocked clear waters
  • Some go crazy and hot
  • While others are soft and flavored
  • I spent a lot of time
  • Attention and kindness
  • In raising them, protecting them
  • Now we have thankless

  • Bruised, sadness paralyzes me
  • By discovering the hidden evil in them
  • The more I looked, the more they were sly
  • Luckily I turned to those who liked me
  • In the pride of my values
  • They are only responsible for their lives
  • Destroyed by their evil past deeds
  • They are now required to account

  • Not feel guilty, I argue with those who remember
  • And implement the transmission of my values
  • No hatred, criticism and slander
  • In the voice of wisdom and happiness.

Joëlle Jean Baptiste – Author


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