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Hello, I'm Joëlle, an author.
I love writing and reading fantasy stories and Poetic Letters. I like cinema, literature, paintings, art, sculptures ...
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Looking forward to the other. Poetic letter.

Poetic letter. Looking forward to the other


Do each other’s knowledge

That is interesting to listen to him

Fight against a loneliness

To recognize the beloved


Live in an ideal world

Where people who love each

Are decided to not leaving

Even early in the morning


In the rising moon

Frivolous, in evening dress

The feast will begin

We will dance that night


My appeased heart

Our restless night

Rejecting the departure

Our strong embraces


Without fears and obstacles

You will seek the purity

My sentiments and laws

That you will discover.


Joëlle Jean Baptiste – Author




 May 2014

A castaway at liberty. Poetic letter.


A castaway at liberty.

Sometimes you have to let the storm
Avoiding howl with the wild beasts
To overcome the high waves
unchained of the sea


Previously, I would have fought the evil
Head down, raising his fist
Against injustice and falsehood,
Without staying in the illusions


Now, I act in wisdom
Staring and by bypassing the evil
By doing go crazy, whoever is listening
That those who speak as last


Deceit, who does not speak in front
Idiot, it is I who leads the dance,
Because I have the cards in hand
I fully mastered my destiny


Just as the earth is round
Your bad will return to your body
Then I will rejoice that justice
As the enemies, I conquered


Current problems
Are merely dusts
Which are as the cowardly
Soon swept into ashes


My boat is solid
I arrive safely
I believe in my road
I will succeed in spite of you


As a castaway at sea
I dominate you, as the waves
 In ignoring you as a mite,
You are an evil, for my well-being.


Joëlle Jean Baptiste – Author

Poetic Letter. Inspiration of a scene, of the Series Sherley Sherly, the enemies prowl..


Oriental Sun’s rest by Éole on Flickr.

(via vurtual)


Hurricane by Filip Molcan

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