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I love writing and reading fantasy stories and Poetic Letters. I like cinema, literature, paintings, art, sculptures ...
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Alessandro Puccinelli

The choice belongs to destiny. Poetic letter.

The choice belongs to destiny


I appreciate the quality of your being

You listen, you stay honest


Your dialogues inspire me

Your boards are positives


Being proud of its shares in torments

Take care of oneself and other members


However, your inability to really suit

Our doubts sometimes worrying


However, your persuasiveness

That I may live with you together


My hesitation on my choice of lover

Made me write words in two small papers


A choice: “You go away"

A choice: “You stay”


And hide it in a book decorated

For that destiny gives its sentence


Then I turned the pages to chance

And took the first paper: “You stay”


Here the choice of destiny for both of us

The freedom to expect and love us


Joëlle Jean Baptiste – Author


Dariusz Wieclawski

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Sam Rollinson and Ondrey by Nikolay Biryukov for Elle Ukraine

Let us love now. Poetic letter.

Let us love now.

What a good excuse as Valentine’s Day,

For confide you the trouble

Which animates my being?


How to confess my feelings,

While I know your heart taken

By another lover?


Why will I ridicule me,

To blow you my desires

While hoping of reciprocity?


Why I turn you in this way,

Sprinkle with softness, attractive you

In an involuntary infidelity?


Why I sensed the signs

Of our mutual attraction

To switch to carnal love?



Without hesitation, I can feel that,

You assured me, then,

Let us love now.



Joëlle Jean Baptiste – Author



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